Friday, August 7, 2009

Great job, coalition members!

What a great meeting we had last week! For this work session, we broke out into seven smaller teams and boy, did they sink their teeth into the material.

Results of our online surveys were incorporated into the work from the June meeting, and each step of the Progression to Wellness model was addressed. The underlying causes for why progression does not happen were really broken down and discussed and then factors such as age, gender, ethnicity and others were examined to see what role they play. We are moving along toward potential solutions, and that’s when things should really get interesting.

We loved our new digs at the Center for Community Cooperation and thank them for hosting us. And, thanks to all who braved the heat to join us for what was a very energetic and enthusiastic meeting.

Stay tuned for more later!


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Great job, coalition members! Your dedication and collaboration have led to impressive achievements. Together, we've made significant strides toward our shared goals, driving positive change and impact. Let's continue to work together, inspiring each other and making a difference in our communities.

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Blogger joe said...

"Collaboration among coalition members is the cornerstone of progress and unity. Together, we harness the power of diversity, innovation, and shared values to tackle challenges and build a brighter future. Each member brings unique perspectives and expertise, enriching our collective efforts and ensuring that we stand stronger together than we ever could alone. Let's continue to work hand in hand, supporting one another and driving positive change for all."

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